We Care About More Than Your Car.

This is the future of modern refinishing; simply put, waterborne refinish materials are better for the environment, for the community and better for the technicians who work with it.

Auto Body Hawaii was the first repair facility on the Big Island to convert from solvent based vehicle paint to environmentally friendly waterborne vehicle paint.

What’s the difference?

You’ve probably heard people discussing “waterborne” and “solvent-borne” paints and wondered how they’re different? Does choosing one mean better results and the other mean better for the environment?

Simply put, conventional-based coatings use chemical compounds as the main solvent for thinning pigment solids. Although effective, this method releases Volatile Organic Compound into the atmosphere. Waterborne coatings use water as the primary solvent which greatly reduces VOC emissions.

The Informed Choice.

Waterborne coatings, along with lead-free and chromium-free paints, are safer choices for the workplace and the environment. This technology will help prevent pollution before it is created. Auto Body Hawaii will match your vehicle’s factory paint with products that cause less harm to the air we breathe.

You can feel proud that your vehicle will be repaired utilizing a waterborne paint system that is fully compliant with the strictest legislative regulations. And we’d like to thank you for your important role in protecting the environment.


Very pleased with your service and staff.  Our vehicle looks amazing.  Great contact throughout repair process.  Love being able to watch repairs on the internet.