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Collision Technician


Position Summary:
The auto technicians will perform repairs ranging from simple dents to realigning damaged car frames. Remove damaged sections of vehicles using metal-cutting guns, air grinders and wrenches, and install replacement parts using wrenches or welding equipment. Position dolly blocks against surfaces of dented areas and beat opposite surfaces to remove dents, using hammers.

Major Functions:

  • Review and evaluate work orders, identifying where additional information or safety changes are needed.
  • Coordinate with parts to limit delays and improve efficiency of repairs.
  • May Perform maintenance tasks like replacing head lamps, testing shocks, evaluating brakes, etc.
  • Remove/replace broken or repaired parts as per auto specs.
  • Follows company procedure to ensure quality repairs.
  • Other duties as assigned.
Professional Claims Handlers

Position Summary:

Follows company policies to ensure that the customer is receiving the best possible experience

Major Functions:

  • Check in customers and expedite into the scheduling calendar and appropriate department.
  • Claims.
  • Builds relationships with vehicle owners, repairers, and insurance personnel to negotiate costs and sell work.
  • Input customer data into industry specific computer software.
  • Stays in contact with customer during entire repair process, Works to address all customer concerns, and insures satisfaction when repairs are complete.
  • Responsible for scanning, uploading, final billing and posting payments to customer accounts.
  • Responsible for confirming payments details from the insurance companies.
  • Responsible for receiving payment from the customer. (collecting deductible
Detail Technician

Position Summary:

Working as part of a team you will be restoring vehicles to like-new condition. All while following the company processes.

Major Functions:

  • Cleans, buffs, and polishes repaired vehicles inside and out.
  • Uses specialized equipment, material, and chemicals to remove dirt and dust, eliminate all evidence of repairs, and return vehicle to like-new appearance.
  • Responsible for final quality checks prior to delivering vehicle back to customer.
  • Other duties as needed
  • Securing keys to vehicles.
  • Ensuring vehicles are locked and secured.

Position Summary:

Interprets policies to decide whether to: repair or replace damaged parts and components.  Assets customers throughout the repair process.

Major Functions:

  • Inspects and analyzes collision damaged vehicles to create a repair plan and apply pricing.
  • Builds relationships with vehicle owners, repairers, and insurance personnel to negotiate costs and sell work.
  • Uses computers to write estimates and interact with other computer software.
  • Works to address all customer concerns, and insures satisfaction when repairs are complete.
  • Responsible for final Quality Control Check of vehicle.
  • Other duties as needed.
Refinish Technician

Position Summary:

Will make cosmetic repairs to vehicles and repaint them, must communicate with employer and other employees to plan and execute repair and painting jobs on a variety of vehicles, including cars, trucks and buses, etc.

Major Functions:

  • Remove dust and other debris from surfaces to be painted.
  • Use computerized software to mix/match paint.
  • Mask or tape off details and components to avoid contamination.
  • Select the proper colors and substances for the project.
  • Determine the necessary application of paint for a thorough coat
  • Checking for runs or sags in the paint to ensure a quality product.
  • Participate in ongoing technical/safety trainings.
  • Help to keep the paint team on track and ensure proper procedures are followed.
  • Other duties as assigned
Production Manager/Coordinator

Position Summary:

We are looking for enthusiastic individuals to help Auto Body Hawaii enhance the customer experience in a very busy auto collision operation.  As a management trainee, you may train in each department throughout the company.  You will learn how to provide excellent customer service, write auto damage estimates, build relationships with insurance partners, vendors, and suppliers, and run production in a fast paced collision center.  The goal of this management training program is to develop future business leaders to help us continue on our path of steady growth, profitability and success.  Upon successful completion of the paid training position, you will become eligible for a management position.

Major Functions:

  • Work in different departments to gain perspective, including customer service, repair planning, accounting, production, and quality control.
  • Work with other managers to plan and direct the work of the organization.
  • Handle established accounts to gain familiarity.
  • Participate with store management in interviewing, hiring, and training employees.
  • Use company reports to analyze sales, gross profit, production, and inventory and parts activity.
  • Build your ability to motivate, inspire, and develop a team  through our training program.
  • Develop and implement action plans that protect company assets and profitability.
  • Communicate with customers, insurance companies, and repair professionals.
  • Record customer information in provided software platforms.
  • Use computer to write thorough and accurate estimates of damaged vehicles and update customer records.
  • Facilitate repair processes of damaged property.
  • Participate in our training programs to learn about the company and automotive industry to enhance your performance skills.
  • Inspect and analyze collision damaged vehicles to create a repair plan and apply pricing.
  • Build relationships with vehicle owners, repairers, and insurance personnel to negotiate costs and increase sales.
  • Work to address all customer concerns and ensure satisfaction when repairs are complete.

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There’s a million reasons to work for a company as great as Auto Body Hawaii, here are a few to get you started.

Industry Pride

Auto Body Hawaii has built a team of management, administrative and technical professionals who are among the most skilled in the state of Hawaii.  We strive to maintain an environment where you will be proud to work.

Wages & Benefits

Our facility was built to provide the maximum in labor efficiency. Consequently, our employees are some of the best paid in the industry. Benefits include paid holidays, vacations, uniforms, health care insurance and retirement savings.


At Auto Body Hawaii, you are treated as a professional.  We regard all members of our team as valuable assets and demonstrate that attitude towards each other – without exception.  Your opinion is valued and genuinely respected.


Continuing education is important to your success as well as ours. At Auto Body Hawaii, we partner with industry-related training and certification programs like ASE and I-CAR, in addition to OEM training that will keep you up to date and informed about the latest techniques and technology.


Auto Body Hawaii is family owned & operated.  It’s been proven that a family-owned business will consistently outperform almost every other type of business. Family-owned firms are more stable, have a longer time horizon and tend to have a high level of trust and commitment – both to employees and customers – because how the company behaves reflects the family’s personal integrity.

Job Security

Auto Body Hawaii has been in business since 1973.  We offer unparalleled job security with great opportunities for long-term growth and personal success.


Take one look at Auto Body Hawaii and you will know it is a world-class automotive repair facility committed to excellence.  We repair all makes and models to the highest industry standards and deal with all insurance companies.


At Auto Body Hawaii, we want to help you develop in your career.  We will assist with the advancement of your personal job skills via access to the very best training available.  Opportunities are limited only by your own desire and effort to become one of the best collision repair professionals in the nation.


Auto Body Hawaii is fully equipped with the very latest technology.  Our state-of-the art repair and refinish equipment gives technicians the ability to meet our customer’s needs quickly and efficiently.


We recognize the importance of maintaining open lines of communication.  You will always know where you stand – from your current project to your overall performance. You will have peace of mind at Auto Body Hawaii.


Outstanding service from beginning to end!